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Business Certification

Business Certification | Image Credit: Created by MW CV Writing and Editing 

Business Certification

Business Certification | Companies crave credibility and want to be taken seriously and this is where business certification can be so valuable. 

Here at JobPloy Solutions we offer such an opportunity, and it’s open to all companies to apply for certification and if you’re successful you can brand yourself as:


‘Trusted Employers’ or ‘Trusted Recruiters’

Benefits of Business Certification

These include the following:

✅ You’ve achieved Certification by meeting a specific set of criteria, that makes you special

✅ Enhanced Credibility

✅ Improved Reputation

✅ Respect from Peers

How Do We Verify Your Business?

You Also Get!

🎯 A Free Premium Listing!

Saving You: £125.00 (Limited Time Only)
A Free Premium Listing Delivers Unbeatable Employer and Recruiter Branding | 30% More Job Candidates 

🎯 Unique Branding

If Your Company meets our strict criteria and becomes Verified and Certified this is incredibly Powerful. 

–  You’ll be recognised as having the Systems and/or Processes in place to Help and Support Job Candidates and Employees, by your peers & your Target Market.

–  Transforms Your Online Reputation.

–  Video within your ‘Premium Listing – Gold Plus+’ drives traffic to your website also if Featured in our ‘Video Gallery’ it’s more Brand Recognition and a 300% increase in visibility.

🎯 Exclusive Membership Deals and Offers

–  Free Offers and Free Trial Offer Opportunities, for ‘Verified Members’

–  Exclusive access to the Best Recruitment Software Solutions

🎯 Industry Recognition that Resonates with Your Peers and Job Candidates

–  You can Join our ‘Elite Club’ if you meet our criteria, for changing the lives of Job Candidates and Employees – Check Now!

–  We have Created Solutions to address the ‘Real’ concerns of Job Candidates, and if you qualify to Join Us, this is what will make you Unique and Amazingly Successful 

–  If you are successful in joining us the ‘Premium Membership Benefits’ will start to kick in –  Your listing will be Verified then Certified.

–  You will then be certified as a ‘Trusted Employer’ or ‘Trusted Recruiter’

Here are some Featured Employers and Recruiters who’ve already been Certified, Take a look!

–  You may also be featured in our ‘Genuine Reviews’ on the JobPloy Solutions platform, giving a potential uplift in visibility of 300%

🎯 Take Total Control of your Reviews and Online Reputation 

–  Get more Reviews and Grow your business

–  Out-perform your competitors in online search results! 

–  Access all Reviews in one place 

–  Amazing Technology & Great Customer Support 


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🎯 Get 1000’s more LinkedIn Profile Views from your Target Clients 

–  Did you know that whatever interactions you do on LinkedIn, one of the first actions that people do off the back of that is look at your profile.

–  This is because they genuinely want to find out more about you.

–  Maybe what services you provide or possible collaboration

more Reviews and Grow your business

If your business is certified as a ‘Trusted Employer’ or a ‘Trusted Recruiter’ you will get more traffic to your LinkedIn profile and therefore more opportunities to grow your business and collaborate with others.


Here’s an example of what this Powerful Business Certification looks like. Visit our LinkedIn Profile and scroll down to ‘Licenses & Certifications’, then Click, show all certifications.

–  According to Small Business Blog LinkedIn has 810 million users

–  Considered the most trusted social network

–  65 million decision makers

–  72% of Employees have a LinkedIn profile


🎯 Find and Attract The Best Employees in super-quick time, with this market-leading HR software 

–  Get your company job vacancies on the Top 50 Job sites, including Indeed, LinkedIn and Google.  

–  Automate time-consuming and tedious tasks like 1) Pre-screening job candidates and 2) Scheduling Interviews 

–  Integrations to match your specific needs like for instance, 1) Running background checks or 2) Personality Assessments 

–  Create your own beautiful, mobile-optimized Careers site, No coding required  

Full Feature 14-Day Trial | No Credit Card Needed
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🎯 Attract 30% More Job Candidates

–  We put you in front of your Target Market.

–  We enable your organisation to become a magnet for the very best Job Candidates.

–  This means your company becomes the Preferred Destination for the exact people you want to attract, therefore a much better Return on your Investment (ROI).

🎯 Position Yourself and Your Company as a Thought Leader

–  We provide multiple opportunities for your business to appear across our platform, drastically increasing your visibility.

–  If you provide Quality Guides | Tips | Videos for Job Candidates and/or Employees we will increase your company’s visibility by 300% by showcasing them in our: 

👍 ‘Featured Guides’ – Take a look!
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🎯 One of the UK’s Best, Hassle-Free, User-friendly, Accountancy Software Packages that Saves you Time & Cuts Costs

According to ‘Startup’ – “Investing in accounting software that lets you track expenses and payments could really pay dividends. You can make sure you stay on top of your finances, and don’t have any sleepless nights when it comes to filling in your tax return”
“Significantly Reduces Your Accountancy Costs”

–This software is Amazing and is one of the UK’s Smartest and Greenest, Accountancy Software Packages.

–  You Save Money | Save Time | Save Resources.

–  Automatically analyses your bank statements in seconds – No other Accountancy Software does this!

–  92% Excellent Rating on Trustpilot.

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