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Employer & Recruiter FAQ's

➡️ JobPloy Solutions Register is a ground-breaking and exciting concept, at its core is a Register of Elite Recruiters and Employers.

➡️ Beautifully created, professional listings that showcase your business to a global audience.

➡️ Access to Marketing and Promotional tools on this exciting ‘new’ platform

➡️ We’ll get you more Attention and Visibility across social media and opportunities to be featured in our various promotional outlets.
➡️ JobPloy Solutions is a Recognised Resource that Employees and Job Candidates can use to find Trusted Employers and Recruiters, like you. 

–  This incredible opportunity is open to all companies to apply.

–  But please bear in mind that this is a Register for Elite Recruiters, Employers and Companies that match our eligibility criteria.
–  You must be providing at least 2 of the following


Giving Jobseekers Feedback after their Interview

Transparent Job Descriptions

Employee Mental Health Support

Salary Information

Streamlined Application processes

Access to Recruitment Resources for Job Candidates

Providing Employees with opportunities to develop and grow

Good workplace culture

Maybe you’ve put your own Initiatives, Processes or Systems in place to Help and support Job Candidates or Employees

There would also be further checks before your Listing was verified.

FAQ Suggestions

If there are any Employer FAQ’s or Recruiter FAQ’s that you want to suggest then please feel free to let us know via our contact form.