Local Business Listing

       Local Business Listing

J O B P L O Y   S O L U T I O N S

🌏 Leading a Recruitment Revolution and Trusted Business Certification
We help Businesses to get Certified as Trusted Employers or Trusted Recruiters

–  Enables you to standout in a crowded marketplace, Unique Branding and Grow your Business

Local Business Listing

✨ Local Business Listing is all about Providing Solutions for Employers and Recruiters and helping them to stand out, in a Crowded Market Place.


✨ We’ve Created an Exclusive Employer and Recruiter Register that rewards Members who are committed to following best practice and meeting the exact needs of today’s Job Candidates.


✨ We’re providing Free Marketing and Branding Tools, as part of our compelling listing packages.


✨ We’re also significantly reducing business costs for Recruiters and Employers.


✨ We’re already getting great Reviews and Attention from Recruitment industry Professionals and Employers.


It’s easy to sign-up but don’t hang about because our Free Premium Package offer is for a limited time period.

You Also Get

🎯 Free Premium Listing!

🎯 Unique Branding

🎯 Exclusive Membership Deals and Offers

🎯 Industry Recognition that Resonates with Your Peers and Job Candidates

🎯 Take Control of Your Reviews and Online Reputation 

🎯 Get 1000’s more of your Target Clients viewing Your LinkedIn Profile

🎯 Find and Attract The Best Employees in super-quick time, with this Market Leading HR Software 

🎯 Attract 30% More Job Candidates

🎯 Position Yourself and Your Company as a Thought Leader

🎯 One of the UK’s Best, Hassle-Free, User-friendly, Accountancy Software Packages that Saves you Time & Cuts Costs

Who Are We?

J O B P L O Y   S O L U T I O N S

🌏 Leading a Recruitment Revolution and Trusted Business Certification

✅ The JobPloy Solutions Register is an Exclusive Register of ‘Trusted Employers and Recruiters’ that Employees and Jobseekers can use to find out if a potential workplace is right for them.

✅ We also Encourage and Reward Initiatives from Employers with a number of Incentives to turbo-charge their ‘Brand Awareness’



How Does It Work?

local business listing

1️⃣ Find out if you are Eligible?
2️⃣ Sign-up and claim your Free Premium Listing, worth £125.00, also Free Marketing and Promotional Tools
3️⃣ Once Your Application has been checked and verified by our team, your listing goes live and the💫Magic begins
4️⃣ Your Company will be Certified by JobPloy Solutions and this will be Showcased on your LinkedIn Profile
5️⃣ Start Reducing your business running costs and get access to Exclusive Discounts, from our incredible partners
6️⃣ JobPloy Solutions will give you access or introduce you to the Best Digital Recruitment Tools
7️⃣ JobPloy Solutions will Enable You to have more time to Develop and Manage your business
8️⃣ Save your business £1000’s
9️⃣ Turn your company into a Super-magnet for attracting the best Job Candidates and the best Clients



Local Business Listing

Get Ahead of Your Competition

–  Would you like to standout from the competition and take advantage of the USP’s that you get when you join us?

–  How about being Branded as a Trusted Recruiter or Employer?

The stakes are very high and your survival as an organisation could be in doubt if Clients or Job Candidates don’t trust what you do or you maybe a recruitment agency start-up that needs a helping hand as you try to establish yourself in the recruitment industry.
– JobPloy Solutions can help you!


Local Business Listing

Is Your Company ✅Eligible?

Can You Answer Yes👍to Any of the Following 2 Questions?
If your company is making life easier for Job Candidates and/or Employees and you can answer Yes to any of the following 2 Questions then You’re Entitled to a ‘Free Premium Listing’ – worth £125.00
➡️ Good Communication when Hiring Employees?

Throughout the entire process



➡️ Transparent Recruitment Process?


➡️ Clear Job Descriptions?

That don’t mislead



➡️ Salary Information or Salary Range?

Provided on Job Applications



➡️ Easy Application? 




➡️ Job Candidate Resources?

These could be provided via your company website | LinkedIn Profile | Blog | – In order to educate and help potential applicant



➡️ Feedback After Interviews?



➡️ Good Workplace Culture?



➡️ Mental Health Support?



➡️ Career Development?

Opportunities for Job Candidates to train and develop further, including Leadership Opportunities


Trusted Employer & Recruiter Branding 

🌏Sign-Up Now!

❌ No

If you are not eligible then please consider returning to us once you meet our criteria


✅ Yes

If you are eligible then Please continue by Signing-Up to claim your Free Premium Listing (worth £125.00) and all the other Premium Tools that go alongside that,

If Your Application Is Successful 

This means access to some Amazing Software & Tools
Get More Customer Reviews & Business Growth | Cut Your Business Costs |Unique Employer & Recruiter Branding |Get Ideal Job Candidates
Trusted Employer & Recruiter Branding 


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