Business Verification

Business Verification

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J O B P L O Y   S O L U T I O N S

🌏 Leading a Recruitment Revolution and Trusted Business Certification
We help Businesses to get Certified as Trusted Employers or Trusted Recruiters

–  Enables you to standout in a crowded marketplace, Unique Branding and Grow your Business

Business ✅Verification

Our Business Verification is a process of due diligence and involves thoroughly identifying, evaluating and verifying all available information on a person, company or entity.

–  This is to ensure that all businesses that become part of our movement for change are fit for purpose

–  Deliver the highest standards possible in order to support Employees and Job Candidates.

What Checks Do We Do?

✅ Identification

Photo ID

Our Strategy for Business Growth

JobPloy Solutions can help your business to grow and we’ve pioneered a proven strategy of Better Business Certification and Verification.

Our Strategy for Business Growth

We want all CEO’s, Businesses and Entrepreneurs to know that we’re on your side and are happy to have a chat with you about what your concerns or challenges are.

Benefits of Business Certification

Validation of Knowledge | Better Reputation | Enhanced Credibility | Respect from peers