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Mickey Hoh (Content Writing & Graphic Design)

Google Reviews
” This company is being led by experienced and talented folks.
Do give them a try “

Martyn Holliday (UK Consulting Manager)

” Jeff and the team really take the time to understand your circumstances and strengths and help open doors and nurture the path to wider opportunities. Highly recommended professional service “

Liz Wright (CPD Online)

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” Many thanks Jeff for adding CPD online college to JobPloy Solutions register. A real pleasure working with such a professional who is raising the profile of many companies and sharing best practice across the industry. Thank you “

Tarzon Budhathoki (Tech. Recruiter)

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JobPloy Solutions is one of the amazing company that supports to showcase & raise profile of companies in a ways that would help potential talents / candidates get attracted to join the company in more trust worthy manner.
If there is any company out there who want to attract talents but need a supporting factor than I would highly suggest to get in touch with these legends” 

Galyna Daniel (Co-Founder at Dream Job Hub | CV Writer | LinkedIn Expert | Recruiter)

Google Reviews

“JobPloy Solutions is a real deal – it is wonderful to know there’s the space where you can find unbiased information about employee-friendly companies and recruiters. Thank you! Highly recommended!”