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Talent Matching

Talent Matching is an important consideration  when looking for a Job as Candidates are being challenged at every turn by:
Poor Job Descriptions – Poor Communication – Lack of Salary Information – Elongated Application Processes – Lack of Feedback from Interviews – Hiring Processes with no Clarity – Poor Support from potential Employers.

Our Solution

Search for Employers and Recruiters that match your particular needs by selecting the options below.

Talent Matching

– JobPloy Solutions have turned the Job Search Process on it’s head by reinventing how talent matching should be used. 
– It’s normally the case that this is a process used by Employers but we’re Empowering Job Candidates by allowing them to pick out the categories below that are important to them when they are looking for work.
– Then simply searching for Employers that meet their particular needs, for example it maybe important that you find a company that has (1) An Easy Application Process or (2) Has a Good Workplace Culture, for instance.
– Take a closer look yourself, below

Employers that Communicate Well During the Recruitment Process

➡️ Employers and Recruiters providing updates at all stages of the recruitment process

➡️ Confirm receipt of your application

➡️ Outline the recruitment process with timelines.

➡️ Interview timescales and feedback

Employers for a Clear Recruitment Process

–  Effective recruitment can support your company to achieve faster levels of growth.

–  Streamlined, efficient recruitment processes deliver higher-quality, more engaged hires.

–  Providing a competitive advantage that directly impacts on your business performance.

A clear and well organised Recruitment process is key to setting the expectation and timeline to all parties


Benefits of a Clear Recruitment Process

➡️ How many stages?

➡️ Who will be present at each stage?

➡️ Will the Job Candidate have to give a presentation, if so who to and what about?

➡️ What will the final stage look like and when?

➡️ How long will the process take from start to finish?

(Source: LMRE)

Employers for Clear Job Descriptions

It is important to have a detailed job description that’s clear, realistic and well formatted to help attract the Best talent. 

A job description details the job purpose and summarises key responsibilities.

It is an opportunity for you to showcase the role and the impact this person can make with your organisation. (Source:

According to Katrina Kibben – (Social Talent’s, resident job postings expert)


 "Pay Transparency is a ‘trust builder’ and keeping them secret creates emotional liability"


➡️ Job Title

➡️ Job Purpose

➡️ Duties and Responsibilities

➡️ Required Skills and Experience

➡️ Required Qualifications

➡️ Preferred Qualifications

➡️ Describe the exact nature of the job, including salary and location

➡️ The various benefits of the job are outlined 


Talent Matching | Employers & Recruiters That Meet Job Candidate Needs

Employers for Salary Information

Compelling Reasons to Include a Salary Range

➡️ It’s one of the first things Job Candidates look for

➡️ Job Candidates will try to find out anyway

➡️ Transparency across all company policy, behaviour and performance is becoming increasingly important for any business. This includes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

➡️ This is what Millennials want! – Millennials are anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019).

This group are most likely to discuss what they’re Salary Packages are with their parents (71%) of friends (47%)

➡️ Candidates don’t often leave jobs to be paid at the same level.

➡️ It is becoming more Normalised – 

–  Many companies are already embracing the benefits of transparency.

–  These include Glitch, Basecamp and Buffer

➡️ Standing out from the pack

Being upfront and honest about a position, including what the salary range is, can give you a competitive advantage in a saturated market.

(Source: Social Talent)


Employers for an Easier Application Process

Easy applications allow candidates to apply directly on the platform you’re using to host a recruitment ad. 

➡️ Saves so much time – It lets applicants apply using their pre-existing profiles on that platform, and avoids the need to manually upload resumes and personal information for each job.

➡️ You Get a Higher Number of Job Applicants because fewer drop out.

This is because they continue on the same platform, instead of being forced to go from a job site to your website.

➡️ A streamlined process with less clicking and confusion

➡️ They remove barriers to completion

➡️ Remove the risk of Technical issues

➡️ Provides a better Job Candidate experience, meaning you’re more likely to get the best candidates

(Source: Recruitee Blog)

Employers Providing Job Candidate Resources

➡️ Employers providing Job Candidate Resources that could help you in your Job Search.

➡️ These are usually from their website.

Talent Matching | Employers & Recruiters That Meet Job Candidate Needs

Employers for Feedback After Interviews

➡️ Interview feedback is crucial in many ways for both the candidate and the Employer.

➡️ The feedback is an opportunity for candidates to gain a candid assessment about how they convey themselves as professionals. ➡️ No interview should be a waste of time for either party

➡️ Competitive advantage – Interview feedback can be used to gain a competitive advantage by exchanging it with your candidates.

➡️ Employers and Recruiters will have their choice of top-tier talent in their pipeline when they’re ready to hire.

(Source: Sacha Dixon, LinkedIn)

Employers for Good Workplace Culture

➡️ American millennials are more likely to care about workplace culture over salary (65%) than those age 45 and older (52%).

➡️ Similar numbers were found in the U.K. (66% vs. 52%).

➡️ A study from Glassdoor suggests that there’s more to attracting workers than compensation and benefits. When it comes to attracting new applicants, your company’s culture may be just as important as the salary you offer, if not more so.

The Mission and Culture survey, conducted by The Harris Poll, polled more than 5,000 workers from the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany to measure the importance of a shared mission and company culture in today’s workplace.

Both aspects were key to driving employee interest in a company.

(Source: Business News Daily)

Employers for Mental Health Support

➡️ A study by Deloitte found that mental health issues at work are actually costing UK employers £45 billion each year.

➡️ While many businesses are taking steps to implement employee benefits in the workplace, the barriers to investment in mental health initiatives still remain – such as:

–  Resistance from management

–  A general lack of knowledge about the subject

–  Failure to find reasonable evidence that suggests investments can positively impact the bottom line.


Benefits of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Increased Productivity

Attract more Top quality Job Candidates

Less absence due to Mental Health Issues

(Source: Sodexo)

Talent Matching | Employers & Recruiters That Meet Job Candidate Needs

Employers for Career Development

Many of today’s Job Candidates are basing their Job Search strategy on finding Employers that will embrace their Professional Development.

–  There has been a huge mindset change by the best candidates where they are assessing Employers from the point of view of what you can do for them.

–  With this in mind being able to offer potential Job Candidates Professional Development will have them stampeding to your door.

 see an improved culture, a healthier work environment, and more engaged, skilled workers.


Benefits of Professional Development

➡️ Attracts the best Job Candidates – They are the ones who are strategically looking for Employers that will continuously improve their skills and develop them, professionally.

➡️ Employees are More Satisfied When They are Engaged – Helping them to improve and build their career is going to be hugely beneficial because they’re going to jump at the chance to do so.

➡️ Encourages ownership of duties and roles – When Employees take ownership of their roles and duties, it means there is less of a need for constant monitoring and micromanagement.

➡️ Training and Development Increases Productivity – Contributes to improved skills and abilities of employees on a daily basis.

➡️ Improves Communication and Collaboration – When career development includes teaching people better communication skills, you can also increase collaboration and communication within your company. 

➡️ Increases Employee Retention

–  If you tell potential Employees about career development opportunities then you’ll attract better Job Candidates.

–  You’ll also find that both your new and existing employees will feel a lot more like sticking around for the long haul.

(Source: Zenefits)

Disability Confident Employers

Talent Matching

Disability Confident is creating a movement of change, encouraging employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people.

Being Disability Confident is a unique opportunity to lead the way in your community, and you might just discover someone your business cannot do without.


➡️ A government scheme designed to encourage employers to recruit and retain disabled people and those with health conditions.

➡️ It is voluntary and has been developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives. The Disability Confident scheme has three levels that have been designed to support organisations:

Level 1: Disability Confident Committed

Level 2: Disability Confident Employer

Level 3: Disability Confident Leader

➡️ It aims to help employers make the most of the opportunities provided by employing disabled people.